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About us

Hi I'm Leila, owner and creator here at Leila Ray Ceramics, a small batch studio based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. At the studio, we design and create all of the products right here. Hand thrown on a potter's wheel, then fired and glazed in house with glazes designed and made from scratch. We take pride in the care and high attention to detail taken in making every piece and it's our hope that this is reflected in the end results.

For me, there has always been a need to create but as I got older and realised the power art can have, it became harder for me to create, to find and share what my voice is and be vulnerable enough to share it. After some years of feeling paralysed by this concept when it came to drawing and painting, with fear and anxiety getting the better of me, I tried my hand at ceramics. This gave me the opportunity to make freely for the sake of making, for my mind, and it didn’t have to be anything more. Being just about the slow process and the discipline itself rather than the outcome.

Creating functional pieces gave me a sense of purpose, these pieces had a use, and it felt somewhat easier and less vulnerable being judged on something's usefulness rather than subjective, conceptual beauty. With time I have found my spark and desire to create again and be playful even when I have to battle anxiety away. So now as my practice continues, it’s because of you I get to continue pursuing this creative venture and it is my pleasure to share each of these pieces with you as they find their new place in your home.

Thank you! 


tel: 717-420-3310

IG: @lrayceramics

For local pick-up, we are located on the East side of Lancaster city and will send you the exact address after checkout as we are not an open storefront for the public. If you have any questions please feel free to email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!